Canal Head Power House

Canal Bed Power House

The CHPH is a surface power station in a saddle dam on right bank of the reservoir having total installed capacity of 250 MW (5 x 50 MW). These five units have been commissioned in a phased manner during Aug-04 to Dec-04. These units can be operated with minimum reservoir water level of 110.18 meters.

The CHPH is being operated in consultation and as per advice of NCA/WREB based on irrigation requirement of Gujarat/Rajasthan and availability of water in reservoir and release from upstream project of Madhya Pradesh.

The energy generated from both the power houses is to be evacuated through 400 KV level through interconnecting transformers at GIS, situated in RBPH switch yard. The 400 KV Switchyard is indoor type having Gas Insulated Switch Gear and Bus bars. The energy is transmitted to party states i.e. Gujarat, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh in the proportion of 16:27:57 respectively through 400 KV double circuit transmission lines, namely SSP-Kasor, SSP-Asoj, SSP-Dhule and SSP-Nagda respectively. All the transmission lines are commissioned and charged.

The operation and maintenance of SSP power complex is being done by Gujarat State Electricity Company Limited (GSECL), for which O&M agreement between SSNNL and GSECL has been signed.